Friday, September 14, 2012

Wishing it to be Autumn!

Many years ago I did the color analysis to find out what color of clothing and make-up are best suited for your skin tone.  The four categories are the seasons.  The results showed I was a "spring" which I was happy about because "spring" colors were bright and light.  Now I wish I was an "autumn"!  The main reason for today's hike into Burstall Pass was to see the autumn colors of gold, orange, red.  I have had a fabulous summer hiking season and I have been wishing it to be autumn to experience those cool, crisp mornings and seeing those colors. 

Autumn was in the air at the trail head, once we reached the alluvial flats there were those autumn colors and in my mind I was no longer a "spring",  I declared myself an "autumn".   
view from alluvial flats
Snow Peak and Mount Birdwood from Burstall Pass
found a high spot on Burstall Pass for my summit shot
We explored around the Pass and along a portion of the trail that leads to Leman Lake then found a sunny, sheltered spot for our 45 minute lunch break.  You can see the trail on the bottom right which we took from Burstall Pass to our lunch spot.
Mount Assiniboine
I was glad we timed it right to see some color and it turned out being a warm day too.  As it was a Friday, the trail wasn't too busy.  The hike was straight forward and rather easy with no challenges which was exactly what I wanted for this day.  My wish has come true, it may not be officially autumn by calendar standards, but it is in the mountains and it is in my mind!

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