Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Good to be in a Bad Place!

I got myself into a bad place the past three days and I had no issue with being there, didn't feel down because of it, in fact it felt so good to be in such a bad place!  The Badlands!  That's where I was, I was camping in Dinosaur Provincial Park in The Badlands!  In all my 28 years of living in Calgary,  I had never been to this Park.   I was looking for a good place where it would be quiet, so I could relax, reflect, rejuvenate,  read and I found that good place in a bad place.   
my campsite
my site at the base of the V
my place to reflect & rejuvenate
The early mornings were fresh & colorful!
Morning Color!
 Morning Landscape!
Mornings were golden!
Mid-day Badlands scenery!
A land like no other!
Sculptures in the middle of no where!
Beautiful!  Peaceful!  Colorful!
I got up early just to see the sunrise and enjoy my coffee by the fire.  I spent the daytime hiking the quiet trails,  stretching out on my long lawn chair reading and eventually napping.  After dinner was my favourite time of all!  A minute from my campsite was a place where I could watch the sunset.
This!  Right before my eyes!
Beauty, everywhere I looked!
 My final photo on September 11, 2012 before starting my campfire and watching the night sky!
These hearts were painted on the picnic table at my campsite  Somebody was feeling my sentiments exactly!  As I took this photo this morning, I reflected on the wonderful times I had camping this year.  Once home, it would be time to put away the gear until spring.  I do know that I want to come back to this park and I thing spring-time would be wonderful here.  But now, it's time to look forward to autumn hiking, and not far off, my snowshoes will replace my sandals at the front door.  

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