Sunday, May 27, 2012

made Progress, so time to Progress

The count down is on to my next trip south and I needed to try out a few new things and brush up on some old things before I leave.  I had been looking forward to my first camping trip of the year for awhile, and the anticipation escalated after recently seeing campgrounds open, sites set up and imagining camp food cooking and fires crackling!

I had a window of opportunity this weekend!
I was nervous heading to a different part of Kananaskis to camp, but I need to get use to camping in unfamiliar areas.   The forecast was not perfect, but I need to get use to camping in not so ideal conditions.  I was nervous but I knew the bright side would over take and win. 
...and it did...
I checked in really, really, really early which wasn't an issue with the attendant.  Before doing anything, I chopped wood with my new axe and got my camp fire going.  A proper axe makes all the difference in the world.  It's a keeper!
It was nice to see only tiny remnants of snow in the trees.  I picked a more spacious site and I learned I like having more room.   I remembered how to get the Hubba Hubba up, and once that was done, I filled it with all the essentials for the night.
Then came time to enjoy and IPA then check out my loop to see if I recognized any other campers but no familiar faces.  I worked up an appetite and dinner time was approaching.  This is my new stove!  It's a keeper!
Dinner cooked quicker then I expected and I made a mental note to remember that!
That mental note went by the way side and my breakfast cooked quicker then expected too!
While sitting by the fire, I read some articles on how to photograph waterfalls.  They are my least favourite thing to photograph and to see just in general.  Now they could be my friend! On the way home, I stopped off to try out what I read and this is what I got.  The articles helped and I made progress but lots more practice is needed.  I know what I am suppose to do to get the different effects, now I need to learn about lighting.
Another stop I made was to visit a secret stash tucked under some rocks.  I was curious to see who had been there since my last visit, but no one had been.   I will need to paint another reminder for myself as I left this one as a reminder for the next person who comes along.
I made progress with my one nighter so now it's time to progress to two nights.


  1. Ditto the above.
    Always impressed with your creative shots ie window of opportunity clouds!


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