Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alignment at a Junction

It was time to go back and make things right this time on Junction Hill.   It was the plan all along to and this rock sculpture sitting on my fern table was my reminder.  Today was D-Day (do-day)!  I secretly hoped my stars would align today.  The forecast was for great, there were reports of having no snow to contend with and a few old and new friends were on board to join me.
My preference is to have a stretch of flat to start out with to give all the muscles, joints, bones and heart an opportunity to get in sync but one has to go elsewhere for that.  The ascent here starts immediately and is not gradual, it goes up and up and up.  At least it is on grassy slopes with crocuses here and there. 
Once on the ridge, we could see where we started down below in the bottom left corner. The ridge was snow free and there was a semi-obvious trail to follow along the edge, through trees and around rocks.   
The trail followed right beside two gigantic rocks that formed a window with a view.
Then the first cairn came into very clear view and at this point I could taste summit.  
At this point also was where we saw the most snow but it was not in our way.
After some very, very, easy scrambling then some maneuvering around some big rocks and angled rocky rough sections, we reached the true summit.  It had been about two hours and forty-five minutes since we began our hike so definitely time to sit, relax, refuel, enjoy the views, take photos and celebrate.  Yes, Victory!  Today's summit scene sure beats the scene...
...that we had on March 17, 2012...
We owned the summit for a perfect amount of time and then let the folks coming our way take over.  We aimed for the ridge that would take us on a loop and keep us high.  It was very steep and slow going at times especially over the big boulder field.   I kept looking back to see where we were.
When I looked back this time, it was nice to see some yellow in with the rock and red.
One last look up and back....
....before starting to look down and forward...
This monument marks the start of a very steep grassy slow going descent.
...pretty to our right...
...pretty to our left...
...and very sweet to be back on solid ground heading home...
I'm happy with how today turned out in every way.  In my opinion, I would say my stars aligned today.  I even arrived home tick-free.  There was lots to celebrate today and when there are opportunities to do so, it makes me feel like I am "on top of the world!"


  1. Great contrasting images of your summit scene's!
    Very nice collection of litlle cobblestones there as well. :)


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