Friday, April 6, 2012

A Pretty Good Friday!

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park offered exactly what I was looking for today.  I wanted a scenic place close by where I could share a few hours with new and old friends, stretching my legs and lungs.  I was hoping for it to be at least a pretty good morning, but it ended up being a great Good Friday morning!  Well, it was pretty too!

We dropped in at the visitor center first, which to our surprise, they were expecting us and knew our itinerary!  Not sure how that happened!  After a brief chat with the volunteers, we hit the trail starting with this view point just before Tiger Lily.  It was a frosty start.
We wound our way down Tiger Lily to meet up with Badger Bowl.
This pattern on ice was at the intersection.
The gradual ascent began along Badger Bowl.   
That's when the wonderful views began and CP arrived from the west.
We could see all the way to Banded Peak.  
After reaching the top of Badger Bowl we took the link down to Bowbend.  
It wasn't a holiday for CP today!  
That red kept showing up!
This was my third time at Glenbow Ranch and each time different things catch my eye.  
We connected on to the lower portion of Yodel Loop which brought us to the beginning of the last stretch home up the Glenbow Trail.  We came prepared for lots of snow and ice but luckily for us, that did not materialize. Nearing the end of the hike, as we approached the Visitor Center, I was ready to head home for a nap.
I wasn't the only one feeling tired!
There is still so much ground to cover at Glenbow Ranch. I  know I will be back!  As for today, it was nice visiting with old friends and it was great to make new friends.  Tomorrow I get to make more new friends!  Stay Tuned!

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