Saturday, April 28, 2012

High and Happy on Hills

Last night when I checked the forecast for today for southwest of Longview, it looked good.  When I checked first thing this morning it looked great.  Then, it took a turn while we were there, it became perfect.  Perfect would be the descriptive I could use for everything about today when we hiked Grass Pass Hills, Boundary Pine Peninsula and Bull Creek Hills.  

The first great view came when we reached Grass Pass and looked northwest to see Holy Cross Mountain and Mount Head.  I was realizing now, once again my winter hiking boots were too much as were the gaiters and all the upper layers.  The sun felt hot and I was loving it!
We began our ascent up Bull Creek Hills and took the first detour.
The detour along this peninsula lead us to the famous Boundary Pine which added on two kilometers and an hour and fifteen minutes.  I would recommended this detour.  We didn't go beyond the limber pine but the next time up in this area, I will carry on to the end of the peninsula for wide open views into the valley south.
We followed the edge back towards Bull Creek Hills with fine views below.
There were a few short sections here and there of snow to get through before reaching the rocky ridge which would be our summit stop lunch spot for today.  The sun was hot and we were without a breeze to speak off.  I couldn't contain my happiness for life so I'm sharing it with you!
We lingered over lunch, played as photographers and, just plain and simply, thoroughly enjoyed our summit visit.  Now ready to head back, we had a grand view of Grass Pass and the trail that would lead us back down to the trail head.  We planned on more of a steady hike back without the photography stops but that didn't happen, especially when the day looks like this in front of you.....
.....and the ground was covered with crocusus at our feet!
Once off of the wide open slopes and into the trees for the final couple of kilometers through the trees, I looked back for one last look and to say good-bye until the next time!  Yes, I will come back, I have discovered there are more detours out this way that I would like to explore.
While we owned our summit spot today, we didn't own the area.  In just over seven hours spent here, we saw five other folks, two pretty close up for about twenty minutes and three that were specks off in the distance.  Just another reason why today was perfect!

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  1. Excellent post. No doubt, a glorious day and conditions far better than I would have expected. Thx for the advance reconnaissance. Amazingly clear photographs for a hike I have not previously done. I shall put it on the list. The GPS data is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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