Sunday, January 29, 2012

Color on a Gray Day

I thought for sure, due to feeling tired, sore and depleted when I went to bed last night, that I would spend today enjoying a one on one with my sofa.   I woke raring to go though!  So I went!  I went back to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park with intentions of testing yet even more features that my 40SX HD offers.  After 11km and almost three hours later, this is what I have to show.

Today I tried the different color options.  I didn't necessarily go for great scenery shots but picked locations along the trail where there were colorful objects that I could make pop out.  I picked different levels with the first photo here being taken so the red stands out.  
For this photo I changed the level to mid range so not only does the yellow pop, there is a bit of additional color in the yellow tone showing throughout the photo.
This feature allows me to pick full black and white except for the color which I focus on.   
I see me having lots of fun with this option.
Then I went for landscape shots and picked a color to pop.  It is obvious that I went for the yellow.  In addtion to making the yellow stand out, I also added a touch of fish eye effect to the picture.  
In this wide angle landscape photo (which was even wider but I cut of the sides to bring the photo in to where you could see the orange), the lens picked up the orange meadow and made everythig else black and gray.  
Now here is color on a gray day!  I focused the color on the pinkish orange in the sky and it added that color in a deeper tone to the surrounding landscape.  It looks like a beautiful autumn day.  This may be the option to use for sunrise and sunset photos which I am having trouble with.
When I took a photo of this structure in the summer, it showed as brown with green grass and trees.  Once again I went for a black/gray color with hints of gold here and there.  
As I turned to start the hike up out of the valley, wildlife caught my eye and I caught them!
One last photo to capture today would lead me to believe, if I didn't know any better, that we were in the middle of another season other then winter.  A couple of small sections were ice covered yet I was able to easily walk around the ice and two paths sheltered by trees were snow covered, but only by an inch or two.  
I thoroughly enjoyed this morning being out and about and especially glad to have the time to spend getting to know my camera even more so. 

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  1. I especially like the fisheye bike path. Very creative curves.


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