Saturday, January 28, 2012

Backside of Banff

All day yesterday I had a plan in place to C-X Ski Louise area today, by evening that changed and I was prepared with gear and maps in place to Ski Pocaterra area.  I hit the road this morning, jockeyed for a position on the highway, went with the flow and this is where I ended up!  Not Lake Louise, nor Pocaterra!  I drove underneath this arch.....
...and found myself at the backside of Banff, behind the Banff Springs Hotel, at the Spray River trail head.  It was nice to see only three other vehicles in the lot .  It pays to get out early!  Before slipping into the tracks, I checked out the map to see what I had in store.  I  knew I was going to like this already.....
.....because the track would follow a river that wasn't frozen!  The mountain scenery was soothing and the sound of water in motion was calming.  What more could a Maritime girl transplanted to the Rockies ask for.
The further along the trail I went, the better the track conditions became.  
I made it to the picnic table, which was my destination so got my ski-stop-shot out of the way.  You, my followers, should know the meaning behind this pose! If not, check out my previous post.  Realizing it was too early for lunch, and having more fuel to burn off, I carried on down the Goat Creek Trail for another two kms.  I should say carried on "up" as it was all up hill.  Then it was time to enjoy the downhill back to the picnic table and by now it was lunch time.
You might know if there is food in sight, then there would be a whiskey jack in sight.  
This one stood guard!
I took in the view one last time then began the ski back to my car.  I reiterate, it pays to get out early.  Having the track to myself heading back, I met walkers, skiers both X-C and Skate, plus snowshoers all coming towards me and noticing too, they had been all over the trail which made it a little tougher for me to stay on track.
I was beat by the time I made it back to my car and I just wanted to head home!
I learned that the Spray River Trail in Banff connects with the Goat Creek Trail in Canmore and that it is possible to ski all the way from the beginning of one to the end of the other.  Someday I would like to do this!

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  1. I've found that all of Parks Canada's XC ski trail elevations are off. Half the time they seem to give net gains, but total is a whole different story. Cascade Fire Road, for example, is supposed to be 200m net, but was actually more like 600m gain total.


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