Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Ran for the Cure!

I was looking forward to this morning so I could experience that "feel good" feeling that I always feel when I do the CIBC Run for the Cure!  Being amongst upbeat attitudes and bright cheerful pinks, I felt lifted.  Thousands and thousands of us were there to lift those that need to be lifted!  We got to do that under a magnificent blue sky.
While I was waiting for the Run to start, I checked out the signs around me to see who everyone was running for.  What I saw, once again, confirmed that breast cancer does not discriminate.  Who did you run for?
The Heebee Jeebees have got to be one of the greatest supporters of the Run for the Cure. 
They show up every year!
New employee of CIBC as of this year, Hon. Jim Prentice spoke shortly before the race began.  His pace for the race suited me just fine, so I stuck close by and we shared a few pleasantries at the finish line.
This time, I took the time to get a photo of the pink bras that are strung across one boulevard.   This is just seven of the couple of dozen that fill the line. I usually jump up and swat at them but I couldn't snap and swap at the same time.  
I didn't wear my 305 so I have nothing official on time or pace to share but a rough guesstimate according to my plain old Timex would be 31 minutes for the 5km.  After snacks,  and socializing, I left with having a whole day to look forward to of feeling happy and good for doing something good!


  1. Great job for running! While I have to admit that I've stopped participating in such events for now (as I just feel I need to get away from 'cancer stuff'), we need people like you to get out there and raise awareness to find a cure one day! Thank you!!!


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