Saturday, October 15, 2011

Experiencing the Unexpected

At the trail head, we could see our destination off in the distance, it's that brown lump on the right side of the photo, known as Belmore Brown!  We expected a very vanilla experience of  following a creek, hiking through some trees, switch backing up the side, having our lunch at the summit then doing the same thing all over again in reverse back to the car.

.....and so our day begins.....
We did follow a creek and we did hike through some trees. 
We got closer to see our destination and it was very vanilla looking underneath the moon!
Then!  The view opened up and the dusting of snow took away that very vanilla look and presented an appearance of stunning stripes on the slopes.  We could see the trail that led to the top but decided to save that for our descent and instead challenge ourselves.
Not expecting to be taking a direct route to the top, I was thankful I had my new boots on with lots of support and grip to trudge and slip and slide up along this steep slope through the scree and talus.   I took a moment and looked around me, then realizing we were in for no more vanilla today!
When I reached the little saddle and looked over, I was so surprised!  This was not what I was expecting today to look like.  The view was amazing.  I was also surprised to see such a big cornice formed already and it is only mid October.
We reached the top and before doing anything else I had to have my summit shot, shot!  This was a very rewarding place to be with not a whole lot of effort.  We had a 360 degree view for our dining spot.
Unexpectedly for two, this was also a birthday celebration spot!
After our celebration and  lunch and photo opportunities, we parted ways with two heading back and the rest of us carrying on to explore.  The conditions in certain areas looked O.K. to do this.  Continuing along the ridge in the other direction, we had a great view back at the summit of Belmore Brown where we just were.
We reached another little peak which would be my high spot for the day.  We thought this would be it for us but my friends tested out the conditions for ascending another high point and as it turned out they were able to go even higher.
While they were experiencing another unexpected high, I tried for some artistic scenery shots of the snow swirls.  I have been doubting my camera's capabilities lately but when I see that it gives me this, I have to give it a little more credit.
I love mountain tops that look like this!
They descended their slope, I descended mine and we joined up half way down.  Then it was back into hiking through some trees, following a creek and the final little ascent to the trail head.  Even after seven and a half hours over eleven kilometers and seven hundred and thirty-nine meters of elevation, we all still had lots to say!
Days when we get to experience the unexpected are such a big bonus!  Even more so when the reward far exceeds the effort!  It was the unexpected today that made me feel like I was "on top of the world!"


  1. An excellent post. Thanks for sharing. It conveys the essence of inner child discovery and the gifts the mountains provide. Really enjoyed the photographs.

  2. Fantastic once that pic of the wavy snow on the mountaintop!

  3. I LOVE that second snow swirl photo! And no cutting back on rum in the rum balls! - B.

  4. This is a great post! I love the photography of the snow and the summit photos!


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