Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunshine + Scenery + Summit =

what I have been craving the past few weeks and that is feeling that feeling that makes me feel like I am "on top of the world"!  Today my craving was satisfied!  It wasn't just reaching the summit that did it for me, but a combination of that plus being with my friends and having lots of sunshine and scenery too.  The whole journey from where we met in the city to reaching the summit of Burnt Timber Lookout and back to the city again was one of those wild journeys.

The first portion of the trail was steep uphill through trees and through deep sugary snow which was slow going.  Thank you to whoever placed the ribbon markings.  That made route finding to the ATV Trail simple.  We then followed the ATV Trail which took us along a round about way towards a sheltered spot in the trees to have lunch before heading to the wide open space that would lead us to the summit.

We were thankful Mother Nature delivered on her promise of shining on us and keeping us warm while we enjoyed our journey.

When we emerged from the trees and hiked to the first part of the lower ridge and saw our destination and a 360 degree view, I was ecstatic!  We all pulled out our cameras and started shooting every which way.  It was so gorgeous!  It was wicked windy, yet a warm wind and when it blew strong, it sent a swarm of snow swirls scattering.

We slowly made our way along the lower ridge.   We climbed the last up hill part that brought us to the top.  The wind was strong but it was fun to experience it especially when we were taking our group summit photos.  You are probably saying to yourself by looking at my summit smile that "oh yeah she is feeling that feeling"!

I was high on life from here on in!  We cut off time and distance by taking a direct route from the far end of the lower ridge back down to the ATV Trail.  We reached the vehicle in what seemed like no time and once there,  Ms D No Stopping Me rewarded us all with her home-made cookies.  I detected my friends were high on life too and what was talked and laughed about in the vehicle, stays in the vehicle!

I tip my hat to DGo&Go&Go!  Not only does she go and go and go on the trail, the drive today went and went and went on forever, all over creation, over ice, through mud, on top of snow, around dangerous curves and she got us there and home again safe and sound.  Thumbs up to Adventure Designer for reminding us today why she earned that name!

With all the sunshine and scenery and summiting, I know I will sleep soundly tonight!


  1. The sunshine pics are amazing.
    The summit image is something of wonderful.

  2. I really love reading your beautiful hike reports, Alexandra!
    Have a nice weekend!


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