Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finding Bright

On a day that was to be cold and gray in the city, we choose to high-tail it away to Banff National Park where one thing was for sure and that was it would be lots warmer!  The plan was to snowshoe up to Twin Lakes which is in Banff National Park yet on the edge of Kootenay National Park in British Columbia and also boarding the Continental Divide.
Right from the get-go, we were in the trees and stayed there for 6 to 7 kilometers where after completing the first km, we began the 600 meters of elevation.  It was a gradual snowshoe climb along a week-or-so old trail so thank goodness for that.   What we knew going into this that was for sure, was definitely for sure.  The temperature hovered around 0C to -5C so thank goodness for that too!  The day was gray so it was hard to get photos that appeared colorful and bright. 
When nature doesn't provide you with cheerful, colorful and bright then you have to make it yourself!  I have knowledge in this field so put my expertise to work!  All it took was wearing the right shirt for the day and adding old man's beard to the mix.
Once completing the elevation, and reaching a wide open space, the last kilometer led us to the Lower Twin Lake.
We picked out our dining spot and it was decided right then and there that we would not be going on to the Upper Twin Lake.  I really wanted to carry on but had to go with the flow.  This was our summit for the day and this is my summit shot!  Lunch was on the quick side, we took a fun group shot, packed up then did the high-tail thing again.  I prolonged the leaving, kept looking back, I didn't want to go!  
When I realized that I would not get gorgeous big mountain scenery shots, I needed to save the day so went the route of artistic and unique.  
In the quickness of everything today, I also quickly tried to save my track but hit clear instead.  I made up a track where the pink dots show roughly the route we went.  Before accidentally hitting clear, I remember seeing 17.2km, 600 meters of elevation and 7 hours so thank goodness for that too!

Early on in today's trek, I knew I want to come back here!  I want to see this place on a nice summer day when there is plenty of time to explore and savour and see and where "quick" will be non-existant!  YES!  I will be back!

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  1. The second picture in this post is stunning! So beautiful!


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