Saturday, January 29, 2011

Red Letter Day

Even though this is my weekend for staying in the city, I still need to get fresh air and exercise.  Snow and ice and cold may keep me out of the mountains but it won't keep me off the running trail.  This morning's run was amazing and awesome!  I made sure to get out before the plow came along so I could shuffle along breaking trail in all the brand new snow. I went in a different direction along Nose Creek this time. 

I crossed the red bridge!
I passed by lots of red berries!
Gosh! I'm in red today!
I love runs like today's was!
Even if it was slow, short and slippery!


  1. Even if I am the BLACK Knight I like all that red. Indeed the official uniform of my running team "Anna Baby" (the sponsor is a shop for kids) is red.

  2. I wouldn't mind that "slow, short and slippery" run, considering the beautiful scenery. Beautiful photo of red berries! I'm glad that you had a wonderful run along a red and white track :)

    You look great in the color red!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  3. Gorgeous photos! You're so good at making the best of the city - I will definitely be trying out some of your trails!


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