Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Beyond Locked In and Locked On

Locked In and Locked On!  

NO!  I did not get put in jail, but it sure felt like it!  I became locked in my house!  Literally!  After entering my front door and shutting it then turing the deadbolt to lock it, the lock broke off.   No worries, thank goodness I have a back door!  I wanted to see what the lock on the outside of my front door looked like, so I went to exit through the back door and walk around.  As I turned the deadbolt on the back door to open it, the lock broke off.  Yes!  Worries!  I am locked in my own home!  I put in an emergency call to a locksmith and the locksmith came by a few hours later.  I did have my screw driver ready if I got desperate and I do have an emergency exit plan in place if there was an emergency before the emergency visit by the locksmith.

I moved beyond being locked in and locked on!  

I am making the most of this weekend that got off on the wrong foot!  I started another list of links that interest me and may interest you.  I like to follow friends' interest and their progress in their interests.  You will find those under "OTHER BUZZ" on the left side here.  If you are into photography then Barbara B 365  may interest you.   Drop in for a visit!  While I am not a photographer, I enjoy taking pictures and took this one when I got onto the right foot by heading out for a run this afternoon.  My run was short, sweet and sunny!

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  1. Oh no! What a weekend you had. I hope things turn around this week.


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