Saturday, November 6, 2010

No Oscar For.....

...the showing at this theatre today!  I have been so fortunate lately to hike and scramble to some amazing places and heights where the scenery puts on a show that is Oscar worthy!  Just before reaching the turn off to Mount Norquay, a rainbow appeared and I took that as a sign for what we may be in for today.  You know there is always a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!
Our destination was the Cascade Amphitheater.  The trail head is not far from the Mount Norquay Ski Hill parking lot.  We started off in showers, hiking down a trail, not along or up, but down 150 meters.  Already we knew we would have that climb at the end of our hike back to the car.  We reached the bottom, crossed the creek and this is where the ascent to the amphitheater began.  I needed to don all my, protect from the conditions, gear:  gaiters, rain jacket, pack cover.  Yet, I still smile, because no matter what, I love being in my playground.
The ascent was along switch backs, in the trees, with no views at all.  It was muddy at times, a little slippery at times when we got high enough and the ground was covered in snow.  As we reached our destination, the showers stopped and the sky tried to clear but never was successful.  
This is the Cascade Amphitheater!  This was our only view!  Was this our Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow? I was disappointed because I have been spoiled lately with the places I have been to.  After taking our individual summit shots or should I say theatre shots, we found a  sheltered spot in the trees and settled in for lunch.  It wasn't a long stay but a nice visit.  After lunch came the group theatre shots.  Today they were fun and colorful.
The return hike back was quick until we got to the last section where we had that 150 meters of elevation back to the cars.  We discussed what our reward should be and once that was decided we hopped in the cars and were gone.

Yes!  There always is a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!  Today, this is it!
Though the scenery wasn't Oscar worth today, my friends were fun to be with and that is always rewarding!


  1. The pic with the rainbow deserves the Pulizer! Did you find the pot of gold?


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