Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Day For 42K

I didn't want to pass up the opportunity for possibly one last bike ride before winter sets in.  Even though my head and body felt like one big ache from a cold, flu, whatever, I just had to do it!  The forecast was for gorgeous and I wasn't going to waste the day stuck inside.  To make it an easier ride, I packed the bike in the car and headed to the Curling Club to start from there.  This way I could avoid a few big hills and a detour.  

I headed east and then veered south.  I wanted to check out the new River Walk.  I was impressed!  

I thought Carburn Park would be a good destination and it was very pretty around there but I still had more ride in me before I was ready to turn around and head back.   I did have to walk my bike up a big hill.  My legs were burning along with my lungs.

I carried on to Fish Creek Park but I didn't get into it too deeply.  Just far enough to know I was there and to where there was a bench so I could sit and have lunch.   I wasn't keen to add on an additional 20km like I did the last time when I got lost there.
42 Kilometers turned out being a perfect length of a ride for today.  On the way back, the chinook winds started to roll in and I had to fight them.  I was pleasantly depleted by the time I was done.  
My bike is still at my front door.  Could I possibly have another opportunity to ride before the snow arrives?  


  1. First I thought you ran a marathon - but you biked one instead! Sounds like a great day!

  2. Jealous! ...again :)
    I have my bike on the trainer now and because I changed the back tire, that's where it'll stay until next spring...but yesterday would have been nice enough for a ride...oh well.

    What a beautiful area you got to ride in and good job getting out there!

  3. Sounds like a fun outing - hopefully a few more before the snow comes!

  4. I hope you will have other chances to enjoy your bike before the snow. That River Walk is wonderful: clean, new, beautiful!


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