Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update to Yesterday's Sighting

Thank you to Anatoly for passing along this photo of the grizzly we encountered yesterday on the Mount Lady MacDonald hiking trail by Canmore. He quickly snapped this, as we quickly got into our tight group and before we quickly moved on from this area.  Speaking on behalf of myself and I am sure of my hiking buddies, we do not promote pointing a camera lens at a grizzly bear that is in such close range as this one was at approximately 25 feet away.  We were very fortunate this time!


  1. Wow, just wow... You guys were so close! Glad that your smart thinking as a group helped everyone to stay calm and safe.

    So...I guess I won't be hiking that trail anytime soon!

  2. Oh my God - my heart is pounding after reading your blog about this... Scary and unbelieveable - good thing you guys knew what to do to be safe.

  3. You always give us great pics of your country and your adventures :) Thanks for sharing that beautiful image!

  4. Great hike and photos, as usual. And a great new home page photo as well


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