Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ready to Race

Three more sleeps then the race is on! Although, I will be running the race not racing the race! I am having an easy week with just two runs, my long last Sunday which was short and an early morning one yesterday. I was very pleased with both and could have done the 21km if needed be.

Sunday's race will be the 30th Anniversary of the Calgary Police Half Marathon and the race pack recognizes that. One issue, just when I thought I had the shirt sizing figured out, they mixed it up again and I should have gone with one size bigger.
The forecast right now for Sunday is mostly sunny, fun, single digit highs and a finish time of 2:15.


  1. Hi Alexandra,
    I hope that you'll enjoy the Calgary's Half Marathon. When you run the Sunday's race you'll take the time of 02:15 which you've forecasted :)
    I look forward to reading your report.
    Have a nice running weekend!

  2. Good luck! Single digit highs, without wind, will be near perfect. We've hit summer conditions in Texas; there's a full marathon next weekend not far from here and I'm expecting some really bad times. Focus on the run and the fun....

  3. Have a FANTASTIC race tomorrow! The race shirt and swag look very cool and I'm jealous, but hey, I didn't sign up and didn't train :P

    I hope to cheer you on at the hill out of the Weaselhead tomorrow. May your forecast come true.

    Run well!


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