Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Made The News!

Well, I thought I made the news!

During the morning commute to work, I was minding my own business, tuned in to Lady GaGa, getting myself into the proper mental state to face the day.  Everyone around me was doing their own thing, including the fellow beside me!  Don't know who he was bopping to but he was bopping and reading the paper at the same time.  What he was reading caught my eye!  "Making waves!"  What?  I leaned over for a closer look!  No Sir!  I was not trying to get friendly!  He was reading the Entertainment section which was beside an article titled "Making waves", a blurb about a fashion trend!  What would I know about fashion trends!
"Sunny D Light" tells me the phrase "making waves" is common.  I honestly didn't know that when I came up with my blog title.  I have been asked the meaning of it and why did I choose it!  Back in 2007 when I started blogging, I made a post explaining "Making Waves".  You can check it out here!  How Big Are Your Waves.


  1. I enjoyed reading the reason you picked your title... What springs to my mind as well is the way waves spread out and continue moving, like ripples on a pond when you throw a stone in. The waves you make also affect other people - and in your case that would be your optimism and sense of adventure which affects your blog friends in a positive way! thanks for sharing!

  2. I've always thought that your title is related to the Canadian people who are seen as adventurous and loving the outdoor life.
    Your blog gives a positive image of you and your country.


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