Sunday, March 14, 2010

Biking into Spring

Aaaahhh! That was what I said to myself after a mere 15 minutes on my bike today!  I was so ready for this!  It is still winter but I went biking into spring.  Even though it felt springy, I knew from experience it would still be quite chilly sitting on a bike and riding into the wind.  I wore my headband underneath my new helmet.  I wore my padded biking shorts underneath my long windbreaker biking pants.  I wore my Icebreaker hiking shirt underneath a soft shell and a windbreaker jacket.   I tried out my new neoprene toe covers overtop of my sneakers.  All the underneaths and overtops were a perfect combination! 
Everything about today had that spring feeling!  The turkeys at the Zoo were hot to trot and fanning their tails!
I watched winter float on by!
The Canada Geese were all paired up!    
Brown earthy tones are in abundance this time of year but I was able to find some color along the way.  I crossed over the bridge from the south to the north near the Zoo and noticed these stuck in the middle of each banner that lined the way.
I love the beginning of a new season!  It brings hope!  It brings anticipation!  Its almost like the first day of the new year, it brings the opportunity for a new beginning!  
I covered 34 kilometers which is a little more than I had planned for my first time out this year.  I didn't want it to end but knew I had to play smart and not over do it.  Aaaahhh!  That's what I said to myself after 2 hours and 30 minutes of biking!

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  1. Sorry to hear that you caught a bug earlier this month, but you seem to have recovered well! Good job on last week's 10k.

    Your bike ride looks lovely and I look forward to covering the same ground with Little Runner on our bikes soon. Happy spring to you!


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