Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hallowe'en Howl 10km Race

The only thing scary about today's Halloween Howl 10km Race was the weather!

I woke to pouring down rain! Usually as the hours go on the temperature rises. Not this morning! As the hours went on and race start got closer, the temperature went down. Only slightly though. That was all it took for the rain to turn to sleet and by the time the count down started the sleet turned to snow, those big fluffy flakes. Yes, that kind!

Even standing at the start I felt the moisture in my right running shoe. I knew what I was in for and I was into it about 10 minutes later. My socks and runners were drenched. I could feel and hear the squish! A portion of the route was along the path very close to Memorial Drive. I was watching my foot placement trying to find where there was the least amount of slush. Then it happened! A car drove by, fast, close to the edge of the road and laid on the horn. The car created a wave of slush that covered me! I had never been so soaked while running in my life.

Yet, I was loving every minute of it! I felt the rush, I was exercising, enjoying the fresh air. I got to share the morning with my friends D Mo, J Mo and Lil K. It was like old times! I knew Leana would be there, so watched out for her. We chatted at the start trying to find cover and keep dry and we caught up afterwards too. She was already done and dry by the time I finished. I'm sure this race will be part of her weekend blog coverage. (What is with my new hat? It is blue and orange! It is suppose to match my shirt! I don't know why it looks grey!)

Considering the conditions, I fared well. My 305 told me the distance was 9.86km. Right from the 1km marker, my distance was showing up shorter. I covered the 9.86km in 1:03:18 running a pace of 6:25 km/min. Not my fastest, not my slowest but definitely my wettest!

Now! Which one is next!

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  1. Considering the conditions, a pace of 6:25 km/min. isn't a bad time.

    A driver close to the edge, who creates a wave of slush covering a runnng lady, isn't very kind.



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