Friday, August 28, 2009


That's the distance I covered bike riding today! It's a record for me! Oh, am I feeling it now!

I followed the Trans Canada Trail from north to south! The Deane House looks pretty with matching flowers in front! I took a few breaks along the way and here I could see the city off in the distance! So happy to leave it in the distance!
The Bow River is a famous fishing grounds. Here are two fly fishermen whipping their lines in and out of the water as they row along.
The route goes through Carburn Park and the reflection in the water caught my eye. Reflections are catching my eye lots lately!
I finally arrived at Fish Creek Provincial Park. The Ranche is a great place to dine. I've been three times. Today, though, I packed my own lunch.
This looks like a nice place to enjoy my wrap, pretzels and apple.
Yum! I worked up an appetite! I devoured my lunch sitting in the shade! What a hot day!
It was just another couple of kilometers further to Sikome Lake. I wasn't allowed to take my bike onto the beach area.
Nature is nice! Other than reflections, this caught my eye too!
As did the cloud formations!
Time was getting on, and I better be getting on. To home that is! You know the city is big when there are traffic circles on the bike path.
One last rest stop! Time for a snack, a chance to catch my breath and to enjoy the view!
Six hours and seven minutes after leaving my front door, I arrive back at it! I have never been so thankful to see it! What a great way to spend a Friday! Now to get ready for tomorrow! The plan is for only 14km, this time on foot looking for Invincible Lake! We will see how invincible it is! Stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations on your record distance! I have never seen a traffic circle in a bike path, that is very interesting! Loved your pictures - looks like you had a gorgeous day to bike.


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