Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Fog!

Our destination for today is Cameron Lookout on the top of Mount Burke which is at the peak of the middle of the photo covered in fog! What a difference a day makes! Yesterday's hike was in sunshine, blue sky and about 20 degrees. From what we could see, we figured at some point we would be in clouds today and came prepared for rain and cold.Before we hit the trail, I tested my bear spray in an open area! I have been wanting to do this to make sure I know how to release the clasp, aim and spray and also to try it in the company of those in the know. I was surprised how fast the spray comes out and to see it was bright orange in color. Now, I'm ready!

This is what is shrouded by the clouds on the peak of Mt. Burke! Cameron Lookout! It's a fire lookout that is no longer in use, having been replaced by the lookout on Raspberry Ridge. This was a challenging hike in parts especially as we got closer to our destination. We experienced a short section of exposure and thankfully it was not windy at this point. I still tucked low for that portion.

I had a mental block all day whenever I wanted to refer to the Lookout. I could only think of Lighthouse and that's what I couldn't help but call it. Then again, what can you expect from a Bluenoser who is surrounded by what looks like fog! You can get an idea from this too, the type of slope we were heading up. On the climb up to the Lighthouse, geesh, I mean Lookout our views looked like this. Lots of cloud, it was dark and gave an erie appearance. Once we were above the treeline, the trail was made up of talus the rest of the way. The wind was picking up and sprinkles were falling. All the layers came out of the backpack and onto our backs including hats and gloves. It took close to two and a half hours to climb 7 km up 886 meters of elevation. I feel I want to call this one a climb but it still was just a hike. I felt victorious for once again reaching a place where I felt like I was on top of the world both physically and mentally. We stopped to dine inside the Lookout which was a unique experience itself. With windows open to the elements on all four sides, the only way to feel protection was to hunker down against the walls. Even then, dressed in all layers, we could still feel the chill chilly our bones. As I sat there eating looking across at my hiking mates, I was seeing them through rolling clouds and fog! How crazy was that!

How crazy is this? My buddie looks like he is standing on the rocks at Peggy's Cove. It was a quick trip down on dampened talus which made for slippery footing at times. It really started to pour as we reached the treeline so had a bit of shelter there. Instead of doing the switchbacks down, we did more of a beeline straight down. Nearing the end, the sky cleared to show sunshine and blue sky and a chance for us to dry off, somewhat. The down trip took only an hour and thirty minutes.

I survived two straight days of hiking, neither being easy! This is a confidence booster! It was also a large day leaving me feeling the way I love to feel which is "feeling like I am on top of the world!"

I'm already thinking of next weekend's hike down in Waterton!


  1. Wow, that's exactly the same type of fog I had when I went up Mount Burke last year! I'd love to get back there on a clear day and actually see a view.

  2. You are amazing, I'm just catching up after a very long time, so I've been busy reading away. Congrat's on your Marathon, awesome job.

    As always, your adventures are, well, truly adventures and I love the photography. Thanks for taking me on a "virtual holdiay".


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