Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Close, But Yet... far!
It took forever to get to the fitness expo. I'm always so anxious to get my race number and shirt that I wanted to get there as soon as it opened and that meant fighting Friday rush hour traffic. But hey, I'm tough, I can handle it! When I got home I noticed my age was off by a year on my bib but I still fit into the same age category.

I like the shirt and it fits me too!
I'm excited for tomorrow! I don't feel the nerves like I remember I did for the previous two marathons. My hope is to have a finish time of around 4:42. I'm not going for a PB marathon time but more for a smartly run marathon by sticking to my plan that is based on my training. As usual, I want to finish upright and healthy with a smile on my face!

Stayed tuned!


  1. Red is my favourite colour when it comes to race shirts! Not that it makes any difference to your race, but I thought I'd just mention that.

    Run well!

  2. The shirt is really cute! I will be thinking of you tomorrow...I hope you have great weather, happy feet, wonderful comrades to run with and above all a fabulous time - hopefully all will go smoothly. You have certainly done the necessary training, so I know you are well prepared. I'll be looking forward to reading your report! Good luck!!!

  3. Good luck. Look forward to reading the report!!


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