Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because of Blogging!

That's where I am placing blame for my decision to get caught up in this whole marathon thing in the first place!

It's been totally mind consuming where thoughts of where to run, when to run, what to wear have interrupted me in the midst of preparing gas pricing charts, reviewing royalty regimes, calculating operating costs per barrel of oil. This marathon thing has even distracted me at weekly meetings I would attend and has taken me to another place during monthly report presentations. I have woken up in a panic in the middle of the night realizing I needed to figure out a function on my Forerunner or I forgot to recharge it.

I have had to make alterations to my lifestyle over the past five months and that is all because of getting caught up in this whole marathon thing! Thanks again to blogging! I couldn't eat what I wanted to eat when ever I wanted to eat it, which I am so use to! I had to spend money on things I normally wouldn't like Gatorade, power bars and power gels, special socks and hair clips. I had to give up late nights and sometimes beer and nachos or wine and a strip-loin steak.

I have lost sleep over this, I have made mistakes at work because of it, plus it has cost me money and also time with my friends. All thanks to blogging! Because it was your photos I looked at, your stories I read , your medals I admired, your inspiration your motivation your success that I decided I wanted to experience what you were experiencing so signed myself up to get caught up in this whole marathon thing!

I would not change anything I have experienced over the past five months! I am so thankful for blogging. I have learned so much! It's all because you that I am so excited about being on the cusp of doing something I never thought I would again!

Thank you my blogging buddies!


  1. I guess that's one of the best things about blogging - it brings new things into your life! And look at the skills you have developed in maintaining your blog. Wow! Now, if you could just market those new skills. Hmm...

  2. Best of luck this weekend! I'll be thinking about you Sunday morning!!! You are going to rock this race. You have prepared so well for it.


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