Friday, April 17, 2009

Those Rolls Around My Waist!

Those of you who know me, know with my stature, I can't be talking about "those" rolls around my waist!

Due to the weekend warrior within me, I had to attack my long run today to free up Saturday and Sunday. I hit the path about 8:30 and was pleasantly surprised at the number of runners running on Friday morning! I always check the forecast for the next couple of hours before heading out the door and prepare accordingly. One thing I added to my routine before walking out the door, was a practice of what I had planned if need be! It worked in practice so I knew it would work if need be!

It needed to be! An hour into my run around the Shouldice Field on my return from the Shouldice Pool area, I stripped off my pants and shirt and tied them around my waist! No worries, I had a short set on underneath! With the sun trying to break through, the bare legs and arms felt most comfortable. I didn't particularly care for "those rolls around my waist" from my shirt and pants but they were light, wicking, and didn't cause too much discomfort.

I was plugged into my IPod the whole way and I found that to be a distraction from my pace which turned out being a good thing. Thanks to the spunky "Great Big Sea", the spirited "Corrs", the vibrant "Abba" and the rockin "Excellent 80's" I was able to pack a punch to my run and knock my pace out of the ring. I landed with a solid outcome of:

Time: 2:31:53
Distance: 23.8 kms
Pace: 6:22 min/km

Here's hoping the rest of my weekend activities are warrior like! Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like you had a rocking run! Isn't it great when your music really gets you going, above and beyond what you thought you could do?

  2. It sounds like you are right on track for your big races. One more week to go!

  3. way to go!! I'm not very good with running and having things flopping around, can't hardly stand my headphone cord


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