Sunday, April 26, 2009

Calgary Police Half Marathon

Not only did I accomplish my primary goal of finishing upright and healthy with a smile on my face, I also accomplished my secondary goal of beating last year's time of 2:15:50 by crossing the finishing line this time around in 2:09:58! The weather turned out being perfect! Thank you! I was scared to look out the window this morning when I woke because the forecast when I went to bed was ugly! My light pants and long sleeve shirt worked for me. This was the first time I ran a race wearing my Forerunner 305 and I loved it. My plan was to run a pace of 6:30 min/km but I had a hard time doing that and eventually I said the heck with it and just found a comfortable groove and went with it.
I saw Kelly well before start time, we chatted for a bit and extended well wishes for a good race. I'm sure he will have his story to tell, so be sure to drop by and check it out. I lined up more towards the back and just waited to go. It's hard not to go out too fast and I paid attention to what my 305 was telling me and tried to take it easy! Couldn't do it though! I just ran, and I noticed the km signs seemed to be passing by quickly. I didn't pay attention to the scenery, I usually do. I didn't think about much, I usually have lots to work out in my mind. I just ran!
I got ready for the hill! I had my gel, slowed down somewhat before hand and then at the base, I went for it. I saw Karen on the way up. She was giving us encouragement to conquer that hill. I felt strong the whole way up. Those bagpipers were at the top! They always get me going! The hard part was over with and it was just smooth sailing from here on in. I still felt strong and noticed my pace was still on the quicker side. So, I just continued doing what I was doing. It was working for me!
I still had gas in me coming down the home stretch! As usual, I put the pedal to the medal to get it over with quick! I think I smiled at the finish line. I know I was healthy and upright! My arms were upright too, in victory as were my fingers making the victory sign. Here I am with my medal about 5 minutes later. I went inside to get some food and ran into Leana! We chatted with a co-worker of mine who ran the race also and got him to take this shot. She had a Personal Best so be sure to check out her race story. I'm happy with today's results! I was 49th out of 117 in my category. All the going up and down mountains just about every Saturday since January 1st has paid off. I feel confident going forward with the balance of marathon training now, with these numbers giving me a boost!
Distance: 21km Time: 2:09:58 Pace: 6:10 min/km


  1. Great job Alexandra, very well run race and it must be very satisfying to have surpassed your expectations. You are setting yourself up well for the Calgary Marathon! Looking very lean and fit!

  2. You are mighty fast Andra!! Good job today! I think that means the full will go really well!

  3. Way to go! Fast time, good health, what else could be better!

  4. Awesome time! Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations Andra! You met your goals for the race!! It is definitely apparent that all of that snowshoeing has been paying off. I'm glad I was able to run into you at the end there!

  6. It sounds like everything went so well, the perfect conditions for a PR - congratulations!!! Love your pictures, too!


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