Sunday, April 27, 2008

Half The Distance.....

.....twice the fun! It was from the moment I arrived at the start line!

To be in the midst of an unbelievable energy level created by every single one of the 2499 members of my extended running family is so invigorating and motivating. My energy is on the verge of explosion as we have to wait an extra few minutes past 8:00 am before the race starts.

Five minutes into it, I knew my choice of shorts and a short sleeve shirt was a wise one, as others are already tying their jackets around their waists. As a running guru once told me, add ten degrees to the current temperature and dress for that.

The route was clear except for about a 45 second downhill meandering narrow tree lined path that was covered in hard packed snow and ice. If there was a place to have an incident, this was the place as two of "Our City’s Finest" monitored the area. Speaking of "Our City’s Finest", one of our not so finest (others think otherwise) "Our Mayor" was having not so fine moments at the half way point. As I approach I notice a slight wobble in his walk and as I pass I detect a grimace on his face. If anyone should be familiar with "when the going gets tough the tough get going" he should be! "Come on Mr. Mayor, get the job done!" I thought to myself!

I even had the pleasure to return home, to my true home, to my roots for a few minutes. I felt my nose turn blue, to show the true Bluenoser that I am as a troupe of bagpipers wailed their tunes to inspire us and pull us up that hill out of the Weaselhead Flats. They worked for me!

I experienced a first in my 10 years of running. Ms V; female; age category 70-75 has always crossed the finish line well ahead of me in any race we both took part in. I paced with her for a bit but as always with a couple of kms to go, I have a little extra saved to expel and I did again today. I carried on, not to see her again. Me first this time Ms V but I do want to be like you when I am in the 70-75 year old age category.

Different attitudes, different personalities, different treatments! I saw two old flames...D choose to smile brightly and say hi, B choose to cut in front of me and purposely ignore me while sporting a limp and a sour puss. They say it is good to have similar interests when it comes to dating. One drawback, you never truly part ways.

In a race of 21.1 km and you have completed 21km, when you turn the last corner with .1 to go, it’s a straight stretch, the finish line is in sight, and the thunderous supporters are doing that thing that they do so well, the emotions bubble to the surface with the realization in a few seconds all the hard work will be rewarded. Nothing worth accomplishing comes easy and today was no walk in the park! With my arms high in the air in victory, a smile so wide, I proudly cross the finish line! I receive my medal, I can’t speak, I hold back tears, I take a few minutes to process what I did and then....I CELEBRATE!


  1. You were there, too?! If I'd known that, I would have come by to say hello! Sounds like you had a good run. Well done!

  2. I'm so proud of you!!! family does not get what I see in them.....I love them.....I always get a bit emotional.....maybe it is also the Pictou County in us????
    You should be so very proud of yourself!!


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