Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slip Sliding Away

I’m sitting at the far end in the back sideways seat on the bus and he’s (that passenger) sitting at the opposite end on the same side leaving space between us for two people. I see that passenger each day when he boards my bus. We just smile and then go about our business of reading and listening to music.

Today wasn’t any different except for an added touch! Me touching him! Not purposely and I had no control over it. You see, today wasn’t any different except that a triple threat was present....break pedal happy driver, polished bus seats, my shiny black coat! Oh what a trio!

With the bus three quarters full, still the space between me and that passenger, I put on a show! It was not my choice to do so! With a quick heavy foot to the break pedal by the driver, in one swosh and a blink of the eye, I slid from where I was sitting all the way along the sideways seat, feet in the air, still holding onto my book with one hand and trying to stop myself with the other, landing tight up against that passenger and leaning over into his lap. As I straighten back up and begin to slide back to where I was seated, I look at him, we smile and say "hi" to each other! He chuckled! I believe he got his jollies out of my show! I look around only to see that my "slip sliding away" brought jolly to pretty well everyone sitting at the back of the bus! I sensed my face matched the color of the red piping on my shiny black coat!

I have not seen that passenger since but I will be curious to see if he chooses a seat where there is jolly possibilities!

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  1. Okay, my day was made at your expense! I'm laughing out loud and my family (dog included) are giving me strange to get that mental picture out of my mind so that I can stop laughing!!!

    Have a great day!


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