Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Embarrassing Episode

Mortified! Embarrassed! I was! He was!

A planned personal product purchase part way through the PM.

In other words, I wanted to go to the Bay to buy some new intimate apparel. Because this is such a private personal thing, my preference is to go mid afternoon when the rest of the downtown folk are not shopping there. So today, I carried out that plan. Part of it anyway. At least I got there but came back empty handed.

I’m standing there checking out a certain item by holding it up to me for size. I look down to see how it would fit and as I look back up, there beside me holding a similar item, is a male co-worker. I look at him shocked, he looks at me shocked, I say "OH SH__ I am so embarrassed I am out of here!" I drop the item and hi-tail it out of there so quick I can’t get away fast enough! As I am scurrying away, he yells out "but it’s my wife’s birthday!" He yelled it as if from the look on my face maybe he needed to justify why he was holding that specific item.

Mortified and embarrassed we both were!

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