Thursday, February 20, 2020

PLPP X-C Ski Trails February 20, 2020

Today was the 13th time this season that I clipped into my X-C Skis and glided off into a dreamy white winter-wonderland.  It's the most I ever skied in a season and I notice the improvement from early season to now.  Here's hoping for more opportunities to ski in March to continue building up on confidence, time will tell.  Today's focus was on keeping momentum throughout all the ups and downs, minimal stops with only a few photos.     

We were four today starting from the Elk Pass Parking Lot in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  Our plan was to hit Elk Pass via Fox Creek, return the same way then ski along Moraine, Wheeler, Amos  finishing up by crossing the road and skiing the trail that leads to William Watson Lodge where we would catch our ride back to the city. Along the way we would dine in the sunshine.  

🎵nothing buy blue skies, smiling at me🎵
Look at that corduroy!
Where will we go next?
view from Blueberry Junction
view while dining
our route for the day
It was a day of many ups and downs and I thoroughly enjoyed them all except the last two kilometres or so as I began to fade.  Working at keeping momentum the entire time caught up with me.  I know I can improve on this the more I am out there and the longer I spend out there.  The long gradual down hill stretches where I maintained a speed of about 18 to 20 kms/hr for many minutes were the most enjoyable.   

It was a great day out there in our playground!
The successes I experience each time ignite the fire within to get out there again.  
We will see what March brings!


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