Friday, September 20, 2019

High School Friends We Are! Friday September 20, 2019

It was time for my friend to experience a land like no other she has seen before.  Off to Drumheller!  The Badlands!  The Desert!  We had a checklist of sights to see and we saw them all under a beautiful sky with a very warm temperature and no crowds.

Our first stop was at Horseshoe Canyon where my friend saw the first view of the type of landscape that was to come.  With it being autumn in The Badlands, that crazy terrain had reds and oranges and yellows scattered throughout.  As we departed here and began the drive down into the valley where Drumheller is, we drove into fog with almost zero visibility.  It was erie and then quite a sight watching the fog lift.

Welcome to Drumheller!

We headed east to East Coulee to check out The Hoodoos and then the Rosedale Suspension Bridge.  My friend had never seen nor been on either so I made sure that she would never say never again.  

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is in a beautiful location but neither of us are into museums.  It was dining time so we found a pretty spot in a picnic area and settled in to snack.  It was hot here with a slight breeze.  Leaves had fallen and they were rustling around our feet.  We hung out and just chilled in the heat for quite some time.

We are in The Badlands but we were not being bad yet we still felt the need to go to church.  Drumheller's Little Church is the cutest little thing.  We entered through the front door where we could admire the inside

Horsethief Canyon was next along the route.  It has a great viewpoint to see down in and over across that crazy terrain.  My friend could see two people down in the canyon hiking around.  I told her I have been down there and it is an awesome experience.

I have never been on the Bleriot Ferry and that was next on our list.  It crosses the Red Deer River and gets you from one side of the Dinosaur Trail to the other.  It takes about seven or eight minutes to cross and the Ferry holds about eight cars.  

Once on the other side we drove to the Orkney Viewpoint which was our last stop of the day.  Then it was time to head home sip some wine, review our day through photos, laugh lots, then sip more wine.  We enjoyed time just carrying on being the friends we are!

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