Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Plain of Six Glaciers September 19, 2018

A friend once said to me a couple of years ago "You should live at Lake Louise!"  He said that to me in the Village Parking Lot one early morning in the middle of winter when we ran into each other.  It feels like I have been living here this past little while!  The forecasters stated it was going to be splendid in the Lake Louise part of our mountain playground.  I have been urning to be amongst a dusting of snow and I knew I would find it along the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail.
When I arrived at the head of Lake Louise the fog lifted and the clouds were parting.  
My favourite part of this Lake on a day like this is at the far end.  I planned to make my way there quickly but I failed at that.  The scenery was too gorgeous and I stopped every couple of minutes to admire it.  It's images like this that I like as you approach the back side.
 crossing the wooden bridge towards glaciers galore
I met a few people along the way that I shared conversations with and hiked short distances with.  Visiting this world famous location was a first for them and they were in awe.  I felt proud!  I was thankful the weather was wonderful for them.  We followed the trail that hugs the cliff band and were excited for what was around every corner.  
 I love puddles!  
 This is the first wide open view of Lake Louise and The Chateau far off down below.  
I stopped at the Tea House location just long enough to capture a photo.  A couple and myself took turns taking each others photos and then we carried on along the trail out towards the next viewpoint.
 It's out here where you get to feel up close and personal with the glaciers.
I picked this as my destination and dining spot.  There were nice flat cleared rocks to settle down on. A couple of couples shared the area with me and once again we took turns taking each others photos. I did not bring sunscreen with me, big mistake.  It was bright, it was hot, it looked like winter but felt like summer.
 There was not even an inkling of a breeze up here today!
The sun was melting the snow and within a matter of about thirty minutes it became snowman snow. I tried my luck with building a snowman before dining with no luck but after dining success was in the making.  He received lots of admiration!
Along the descent, many more were just ascending, short-sleeved and some in shorts.  I carried on non stop until I got down to lake level.  At that point I took many stops again for photo opportunities.
 as pretty as can be
Numerous people were out exploring the back side of Lake Louise and I joined them.  There were even canoeists docked and just lounging in their canoes in the sun.  How could today be more perfect for them and for me?
It was time for me to get back on the trail and cover the last couple of kilometers back to The Chateau.  I see it was time too for some canoeists to paddle their way back to return their rentals.  The colors today were wonderful as was the weather.  The new snow made the views that much more picturesque.  It seemed every view today was frame worthy!

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