Sunday, July 29, 2018

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden, B.C. July 29, 2018

I needed to break up the day on the way to Revelstoke.  Investing some time in Golden would fill that need precisely.  I did my homework before hand and saw that by taking the Golden Eagle Express Gondola up to Eagle's Eye at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, I could be on top of a whole new world.  There are a few ridge walks to choose from all on the shorter side compared to what I am use to for ridge walking.  To make it worthwhile, I opted for two hikes each in a different direction from Eagle's Eye.

view early on from the gondola
 I started with Terminator Ridge which is the ridge you see right behind the sign.
There were some high points to skirt off to from along the ridge.  They offered greater views yet got sketchy in places or were closed even higher up.   I believe this may be the via feretta route.
 Here you can see the Lodge over at Eagle's Eye and also two hikers down below me bottom left. 
I continued along Terminator Ridge and found this outcrop.  This was as high as I dare go.  My thinking is, it is called The Terminator for a reason.  Smoke from the forest fires was hanging over some areas here but thankfully I could not smell it and it did not bother me.  Well, it did bother me because it made some of my photos a bit dull.
 even further along the ridge
I went as far as I felt comfortable considering I was on my own.  No pushing limits for me here.  I traced my steps back to Eagle's Eye and sat for awhile admiring the view and having a snack before heading off along another ridge.    The trail on the right up the middle of Dogtooth Ridge would bring me high up to a staircase.   It was a rolling ridge at first, then got steeper and then I arrived at the staircase.
 on the staircase
 That stairway to heaven landed me here!
This is my summit shot for today.
 ready to descend the stairway to heaven back down
Back down at Eagle's Eye, I took a bit of time to admire the scenery and to look up at where I was.    Then I got back on the gondola and road it down to civilization and to where I carried on driving even furhter west.
It felt like I packed lots in already and it was still only mid day.  It also felt like I had been away forever.  I am excited for what the rest of today brings and for what's in store for the days to follow.

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