Sunday, June 10, 2018

life begins

when windows open
It had been ages since, on my lunch time walk-about, I walked into the local book store.  I entered with no specific intentions in mind other than to pass time being on my feet and in motion.  That motion came to an abrupt stop after I passed through those open book store doors then executed a sharp left.  My sense of sight was permeated with photos and phrases which portrayed a particular poignant picture for this point in my life.  
I thought about this poignant picture I was facing, then my thoughts brought me back to more than a decade ago.  Back then I was enjoying living an adventurous lifestyle, well what adventurous meant to me at that time.  I became quite comfortable with what I was experiencing.  I had confidence I could conquer.  Even though I was enjoying what I was doing, where I was going, what I was seeing, something was missing!  I came to realize comfortable equaled stalemate.  It was like a window closed and I was not moving on.  

I missed trying, learning and growing!  
It was time to move beyond that comfort level!
Windows opened and I pushed boundaries! 
At times I was scared and I was hurt!
I fell down but got back up again!
I call them badges of honour!
Back then surrounded by supportive friends, I began growing again.  I reached new heights both physically and mentally.  I realized I had capacity within to go above and beyond safely with that great support circle.  I learned what true support is, I learned that I do have limits and it is OK to have them.  
Since back then, I pushed more windows wide open.  It seems the more that open, the more there are to yet open.  Never have I been "quite comfortable" again.  I have gone beyond where I ever thought I would go.  I still fall, I still get scared and hurt, I still get back up again!  I have to get back up again to get through those open windows.
Now a new window is on the verge of opening.
In a short period of time it will be fully wide open.
Right now it is open enough I can see a poignant picture on the other side.
It's time to begin charting a new course!

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  1. Beautifully written and shared and soon your new course, ... that new journey will give you much joy and be fun. Oh, so happy for you, my friend.


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