Sunday, March 4, 2018

Glenbow Ranch March 4, 2018

With such a winter wallop over the past two days, I knew it would be a wonderful Sunday to wander out there somewhere.  Seeing as I was soloing,  that somewhere needed to be smoothed out to get to in my little car, I did not want to get stuck, and it needed to be a safe place to saunter.  I played it really safe and paid Glenbow Ranch another visit in such a short spam from when I last stopped in there.  

I packed my microspikes but not my snowshoes.

There was much more snow than I anticipated, I quickly realized I did not go prepared.  Thankfully others had been yesterday when the wallop ended and broke trail in their snowshoes, boots, and X-C skis.  I mostly followed their tracks but broke some of my own too.  Time was on my side as was the weather so I just stayed and played.
There were huge drifts and wind blown snow sculptures.  

The wind was non existent & the sun was bright.
The sights were warming as was the tea!
It was work at times to get through the snow and I was feeling tired from it.  I was happy for the wind swept sections.  The quietness and beauty nevertheless kept my attention and I carried on and on and on.  In some of the open spaces I could not tell where the trail was so made my own.

Long after when I originally thought I would be finished, I still had the last uphill stretch to attack.  Normally this would be a breeze but today nothing was breezy.    I made it to my car, sat down, sighed and was glad this Sunday saunter was in the books.  So that's my story!

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