Sunday, November 5, 2017

Field of Crosses & Nose Hill November 5, 2017

What is an hour out of my life?  It's the least I could give to pay my respects to those that gave their life so I could live mine.  The sun came up but the cold remained.  I bundled up against the elements and took time to read their names and look at their photos, for an hour, it's the least I could do.   
I walked between the crosses row after row.  
Each cross and each poppy covered in snow.
I noticed this sign this year.
they share the face of a loved one
to always remember
the number of crosses are deep as the number of crosses are wide

on this cold and snowy early morning, it was my time to honour you
Thank you for giving me my tomorrow!

With the day still young, I was not ready to head home.  I carried on north to cover a new section of Nose Hill Park that I have not visited yet.  The first sign I encountered was a wildlife warning.  I have seen coyotes in the Park before but never a sign warning against them,
lots of new ground to cover
This part of the park is on the flatter side to start.  
I moved faster than I normally would.  
There was no immediate elevation gain to get a warm up.  
some of the sights on a cold day in my city playground
After two hours of exploring this part of the Park it was now time to head home.  I completed a planned loop then aimed for the forest path that would lead me back to the start.  I took one last look out at the wide open space. 
I opted out of pigtails today (which I tend to sport when "out & about").  The tails tend to keep things tidy.  What I did opt for when I got home was a hot chocolate to warm up.  And yes, I do see what I am standing in front of.  Intentional or not?  

Thank you for giving me my today and my tomorrow!

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