Sunday, July 23, 2017

Prince's Island & Kensington Calgary July 23, 2017

On Sunday they shall rest!  My friends requested some time to see the sights in the city of Calgary.  Well, that was a challenge for me to come up with where we should go as sightseeing in the city is not my forte.  I live in it and work in it and that's about it.  Keeping it simple we drove to the curling club parking lot off Memorial Drive and explored from there.  

Prince's Island and acknowledging Canada's 150th Birthday
strolling around Prince's Island
crossing the bridge over to Memorial Drive 
confirming the 150th celebration
view west of the Bow River from the bridge
my friend is a rafter and would love to have been rafting The Bow with all the others
looking back at the bridge we crossed, the rafters, and the light reflecting in the river
on Memorial in Kensington
Our plan was to stroll the streets in Kensington and eventually find a place for refreshments.   Along the way we saw "Craves" so stopped in for a visit. No one felt for a full size cupcake so we opted for minis.  My friends already commented how hot it was today and as it was cool in the store we hung out there to savour the treats.
Not far down the street we stopped into the Bernard Calebaut chocolate shop.  
If the cupcakes didn't alter our sugar levels, the chocolates would.  
Yes, they were delicious.
Next on our agenda was a cool refreshment to wash down the sweet treats.  
The cool Pub and refreshments were a nice break from the heat outside.  After an hour or so, we checked out a few other stores and then made our way back over the river to the other side.  My friends were still intrigued with the rafters and kayakers especially at this point along the way.
Before heading back to the curling club we stopped off at Eau Claire at another pub for more refreshments.  Our designated driver enjoyed her water.  We chatted, laughed, got silly then got on our way.  An easy early evening at home was needed in preparation for an early start tomorrow.  This visit with my friends feels so good and it feels so right.  It is taking no effort at all to renew and no effort at all in forming new friendships.  Life is good, right!

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  1. What an awesome visit you are all having! I loved that you "laid low in the city" and showed the gals the sights of Calgary. As my friend, Barb, would have said ... "You are the hostess with the mostess!" Enjoy your time and especially enjoy that special birthday on Friday!


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