Saturday, June 3, 2017

Forgetmenot Ridge June 3, 2017

When my friend pulled out his Canadian Flag on our third and final summit of Forgetmenot Ridge it was like securing the knot in the bow on a perfectly wrapped package.  I appreciated everything about today as it was being unwrapped and opening up but at this moment in time sharing a summit with friends on a fabulous day on top of the world, I truly felt thankful that we live where we do in a country where we can safely live out our passion!

It had been a few years since I ventured up onto Forgetmenot Ridge and the thought to head back up came to me when I was up on Sunrise Hill on the May long weekend.  I could see the Ridge looked open for business and inviting and welcoming.  I threw the idea out there to see who would be on board and was happy to have friends quickly confirm their interest. 

I had one concern for this event and that was if we could execute a safe crossing of the Little Elbow River.  With warnings in place for waterways running high, fast and full of debris, I suggested we have a Plan B in place just in case.  I was a tab anxious as we approached the River then was ecstatic to see it would be doable.  We got that crossing business out of the way then geared up to get on with our day heading up to the ridge.  I looked back and got a shot of Nihahi Ridge off in the distance before we aimed in the opposite direction.
one of the many rock trees
for some reason many of the rocks here have holes in them
It was a very steep climb on rugged and rough terrain so was a slow go.  The hard work was so worth it when we reached the ridge where the views began.  I already knew it was going to be a day where the clouds would capture my attention.  Here I see Mickey Mouse!
For only the second time ever, what I call a "kiss" showed up in my photo.
The views were grand as we sailed along the ridge.  
I remember from prior visits that the wildflowers bloom later up here.  
Today there was bouquet after bouquet of crocuses.
We headed for the farthest summit first.  It involved the long ridge sail, a short easy scramble, boulder hopping and then arrival time, just in time for lunch.   I captured my solo summit shot first.  Then settled down to dine and admire the views.
lunch time view was pretty special
We packed up after a couple of group shots then headed for a section Short Stop eyed on the way up. It was a perfect set-up to call our yoga boulders so we put our flexibility to work and christened it.  You have to know that just like along the trail to Boulder Pass, each and every time that we arrive at this boulder section we will produce a similar shot.
steep descent back down
 time to carry on to the next neck of the Ridge and our second summit
my second solo summit shot
It became very windy as the afternoon went on and with big strong gusts at times but we still made minutes to play.  I'm happy that my friends are game to participate in crazyness at times.  I always enjoy making memorable moments especially today on Forgetmenot.
We braced against the wind and wound our way over towards the third summit.
 my third solo summit shot
 Thankful for this beautiful day!
Thankful to have such nice friends!
Thankful to be Canadian!
We were in need of fuel so descended off the windy ridge in favour of a sheltered slope.  As I fueled up and looked across at my friends I had to smile.  I commented that it looked like they were sitting in a movie theatre.   The view ahead of mountains and trees was rather spectacular.  We all had a front row seat of this open air theatre.
today's viewing at the open air theatre
Once again I was anxious as we were making that steep descent back down to the Little Elbow River.  I know at this time of year conditons of rivers can change from morning to afternoon.  I am ready!
I knew in advance I wanted to get across that river first so I could caputure the action of my friends crossing.  The river was deeper and faster at times I could feel it pulled my legs but I just faught back and safely reached the other side.  It was a busy time with lots of conversation at this crossing.
I breathed a sigh of relief once everyone was on this side.  

There was much to make Forgetmenot memorable!  I could not have wished for today to play out in any other way than it did.  Thank you for sharing this day with me and helping to make such fun memories.  Best wishes to you my friend as you move forward with the creditials to now create your very own adventures to share with old and new friends.  Congratulations!  


  1. Love the photos of you and your friends!

    1. Linda if you are ever up this way, you could be in the photos too!

  2. Fantastic pics! Looks like it was a stellar day!

    1. Thanks Cheryle, our stars aligned for us!


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