Sunday, March 12, 2017

X-C Ski Bill Milne March 12 2017

I panicked a bit when I heard the forecast is due to change to where the temperature will spiral upwards and will last for some days.  That is not good for our snow on the x-c ski trails.  I am not ready to move my X-C Skis to the basement yet.  I still have many miles of gliding left in me this season.  The new fallen snow and the still cold enough temperature pair perfectly to create supreme trail conditions so I planned to knock off some of those miles that are still within me.  My intentions were to get out the door early so I could be at Barrier Lake area to watch the sun rise.  I sauntered somewhat which delayed my getting out the door and the sun rose on me while I exited the city.  I drove straight to the Ribbon Creek Parking Lot to begin my X-C Ski trip.

view crossing the bridge towards the Bill Milne tracks

The view behind me was picture perfect and I kept looking back.  I needed the rest too.  I was first in the track this morning which meant breaking trail in the new snow from yesterday and last night.

the vistas were vast
On the return trip I utilized the tracks I already made but every now and then moved over to where I should be when others were approaching towards me.  I truly did not feel like breaking another new trail so used the opportunity to snap shots until the skiers passed by.  I could not get enough of these views.
It was a beautiful morning.  There was no wind and the temperature was fresh.  I was in my happy place and embraced being there.  These are my kind of wintery days.  While it is still winter yet, the forecast will bring on a springy-like feel and that will not be user friendly for X-C Skiing.
I am not ready to move all my winter toys to the basement.  
I still have many miles in me to knock off but they may now have to be with snowshoes on.


  1. You had an amazing day! Wonderful scenery! I want to visit your neck of the woods and ski with you. :)

    1. Linda it would be nice if one day you made it up this way to ski or even hike! Our X-C Ski season may soon be coming to an end as we are enjoying really warm temperatures these days.

  2. I am sadly moving my winter toys to the shed. It was a good run though.

    1. Mine are beginning to transition to the basement! I like what coincides with that which is more daylight hours, birds singing and less layers to wear. Mary, I look forward to reading about your hiking and backpacking trips.


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