Saturday, October 22, 2016

Packers Pass October 22 2016

desire for a mere glimmer of hope

The forecast for our hike into Ptarmigan Lake and then on up to Packer's Pass looked ideal.  If you are in the know though, you are aware and go prepared for the exact opposite. We got that close to exact opposite as we started out, yet I held out hope for ideal and when we got that glimmer of it, my attitude changed and I was a much happier girl.  That glimmer came by way of a touch of blue.
I was happy to have a few friends on board who were game for a large day in a wintery wonderland  in one of my most favourite areas no matter what time of year.  Still autumn with winter so close I can almost taste it, I knew we would have some snow I was just not quite sure how much.  Much to my surprise we were knee and at times for some thigh deep in that sweet powder.
 After experiencing snow flurries along with dark clouds, it then opened up to some blue off and on over the next little while.  The ons were exactly when I wanted them to be.  For example, when we arrived on the other side of Boulder Pass at Ptarmigan Lake, there it was that glimmer of hope.
Thank you to the guys for breaking trail and finding the route with least snow and least resistance from Ptarmigan Lake all the way up to Packer's Pass.  Out in this open, it was cold, it was windy and it was tough work to get to our destination.
We made it!
This is my summit shot 
on Packers Pass 
in front of the Wall of Jericho
with Zigadenus Lake below me.
 The blue sky appeared when I hoped it would.
We had a short lunch break at Packer's Pass.  It was too windy and cold to stay for an extended period.  We refueled, we captured our memories and then made a beeline back down.  I lingered behind, admiring every little thing.  From the sun on the peak... the lonely little larch.
By the time we arrived back at Ptarmigan Lake, there was blue galore and it was feeling on the warmer side.  I took one last look back at the view before heading on to that big boulder.  You know that big boulder!
The Yoga Boulder!
It was time to work our way back down through Boulder Pass.  
The lighting was beautiful!
 Soon the bushes will be totally covered with that sweet powder.
We reached the intersection back by the Halfway Hut.  
It was very warm, we delayered, then headed for the forest for the long hike back to the trailhead.  
 We had views for quite some time.  We stopped along the way for snacks and also to check out all the fresh tracks of the cat-like kind.  There was obvious activity of chasing and catching so we did not linger around this area too long.  We had an amazing view of Mount Temple to end our day along this section.
I truly enjoyed being out in these conditions in this area with these friends.  I am ready to embrace winter and what it throws at us.  It always holds true and it did today, if you go prepared for anything & everything including an adventours spirit, you find that way to make the play date an awesome one!  Thank you for today!


  1. The new-fallen snow is gorgeous! Can't wait for our mountains to get enough for skiing. Love your group photos.

  2. I know that boulder. I know that lake. I sure wish I had been with you! Magical!


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