Thursday, September 8, 2016

Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia painting the valley wineries

The location of my valley friend's home is situated so we have grand opportunities to witness the wonderful night sky, oh and just as wonderful morning sky.  We sat on the deck this morning and waited for the 6:18am passing by of the International Space Station.  Right on schedule, there it was.  That was our kick off to this day.  

We had some time before hopping on the wine tour bus so paid a visit to the Irving Botanical Gardens on the Acadia University campus.  
                                               pretty pond
                                          a bridge in the gardens
                                              heading to the archway and the exit
                                   This Valley Experience was a first for both of us.  
                                          it's all about the grapes
                                              view of one of the wineries
        I strolled through the vines to this Workd Unesco Heritage Site of Grand Pre.
What an unusual sight!  Free phone calls could be made to anywhere in North America.
                                                     a tree on the property 
                                      another winery
After visiting four wineries and spending an hour at each, sampling, socializing, sight-seeing, we boarded the bus for the ride back down to town center.  We savoured gourmet pizzas then a walk along the water to watch the sun set.
From morning until night and every moment in between, this day was filled with fun, scenery and conversations.  It was like years have not passed, we just carried on as great friends do.  Thank you for today!


  1. It's always fun to do a wine tour, especially in such a scenic place.

  2. Every day was a pleasure and treasure with your visit to our home and to the Annapolis Valley, my dear friend, Andra! It was so special for us to share the ISS siting and then the beautiful gardens at Acadia University .. the Magic Bus Wine Tour was fun and you captured such a great picture of Railtown at end of our day! Each day of your visit was memorable and I thank you for including time with me, with Eldon and Maddy too!


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