Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fairview Mountain Superb Sunday

As the weekend approached, I watched the weather forecast closely with hopes that Sunday would be favourable to get high and feel mighty.  Not until just prior to bed time on Saturday night, everything fell into place and the Lake Louise area would be open for a number of hours to secure a summit.  I picked Fairview Mountain knowing others would be there which would be my security blanket.  I did not really care to solo today but that's how plans worked out.   When I woke this morning and did one final check of the weather forecast, it had improved over night so this would be a definite plan.

I arrived early knowing how crazy the Lake Louise area is this summer with tourists.  By 8:00am the Park Wardens were already at the entrance to the lot directing traffic and the lower lot was filling fast.  Wardens were already sending vehicles to the upper lot also.  

I bypassed Lake Louise and aimed right for the trail up.  Absolutely nothing was visible by the Lake, no water, no mountains, no glaciers.  The whole area was covered in valley fog and clouds.  The trail is treelined for the first while with no views but once it opened up this is what I saw.  I had to wrap my head around this, it seemed surreal.  I hiked through the clouds and fog and came out above it all.  
 higher up looking down
To this point at Saddleback Pass there were no other hikers.  
This surprised me with Fairview Mountain being such a popular destination.  
 Mount Temple
Higher up, the view became even more superb.  
 glaciers came into view even higher up
I arrvied at the summit as one man was packing up to head down.  We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes.  There was no one else up here although I could see a couple and another soloist not far down below.  I checked for reception and sure enough I had it.  This is my summit shot in front of Mount Victoria and Victoria Glacier.  It was fresh up here but no wind what-so-ever.
I took a little time to savour a snack and to enjoy the views.  I could see others across the way on Mount St Piran.  It looked like quite a crew.  I know that mountain top is becoming very popular.  Lake Louise looked devine down below and I loved the shadows on the treed slope.
on the way down
By now it was so hot and humid.  
I took a second snack time break at Saddleback Pass.   
I meet a few folks heading up.  
This was not a busy place at all today.  
Now Lake Louise was visible and showed off her glory.  This was where everybody was, just sitting and looking.  I don't blame them, the weather was amazing and the view was outstanding.  I found my way through the crowd and aimed for my car.
Like I have said a few times in the past, this was one of those days, you know, just one of those days! Hiking up through the clouds and being above them looking down onto them, takes "feeling like I am on top of the world" to a whole new level!  Thank you for this Superb Sunday!


  1. Wow the summit all to yourself and no wind! I'd say you had a superb day indeed.

  2. Such a brilliant hike. Well done you.


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