Tuesday, February 9, 2016

last thoughts yet lasting memories

I watched the sunset one last evening before closing the curtains and adding the final ingredients to my dinner cooking in the oven.  Admiring the sunset then settling down to dine was the normal routine each evening.  
colorful & cheerful inside & out
While the weather for this vacation started off rainy that did not last long, it lasted part of a day but it did not stop me.  As the song goes "it never rains in California but man it pours" and pour it did for a few hours and when that was done and over with it was blue sky & sunshine from there on.   Each day's hike brought me to new trails to explore.  It's pretty pictures like these that will remind me of this beautiful place.
During my two visits to Palm Springs, I got to hike portions of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) four times.  For three of the portions that I hiked, I joined the tracks I recorded on my GPS together to show the stretch of the trail I covered.  The fourth portion is miles from this area.  This is the very teeny weeny stretch I hiked.....
......in the scheme of the even grander route.
You can see the tiny green spot in the middle.
And this map is yet a tiny portion of the full map.
There is something about hiking along the PCT that grabs me. Even when I step from a specific hiking trail onto a trail marked "PCT" with that crest on top of the pole, there is a whole different mind set.  I like what being on the Pacific Crest Trail represents and where it takes me physically yet even moreso mentally.  I would like to cover more of its ground and connect more miles to what I have completed.  

On my last day in Palm Springs before heading to the airport, I walked the Walk of Fame.
I spotted this star's star and began quietly singing her song....... 
....."these boots are made for walking"!


  1. A great way to end a fabulous trip!

  2. It's funny you should mention your thoughts on the PCT hike. I suppose it must have been from your comments that you were on it, but yesterday I was really thinking about it and the possibility …………………. just a dream from this end. I look forward to reading more of your time spent on it.

  3. Definitely start section hiking the pct! I highly recommend it!


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