Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pocaterra X-C Ski ending autumn

All necessary information checked out ideal for a X-C Ski outing in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The trails were reported as being excellent, the driving conditions were listed as dry and the temperature range would be wonderful for ending autumn.   I was the first vehicle to arrive at the Parking Lot and within a matter of 10 minutes others pulled in two and three deep on either side of me.  They emptied out sporting spandex and carrying large tool box type cases.  They spoke a language I was not familiar with, it consisted of numerous letters and numbers and odd words.  I saw temperature gauges appear and other odd items. Now I felt intimidated and wondered was I in the right place!   I checked my map and the trail head sign, and yes, I was exactly where I wanted to be.  This trail head offered up a mix of green (beginner) and blue (intermediate)  tracks.  That group discussed a starting time which was 20 minutes away.  My prep time is only 7 to 9 minutes.  I was already to go, already, so jumped into the track and took off never to see them again the balance of my day.
It was early enough that the sun was just beginning to creep up over the forest.  
I calculated it is the right time to incorporate more blue into my X-C Ski "out & abouts".  Today's blues were plenty, some were on the steeper side than I am use to and others involved steep downhills and turns at the same time.  Remember now that "steep" is all relative.  What I use to think was steep I now think is gently rolling. 
I came to the junction to head up Lynx.  I debated and then went for it but only partially.  Full commitment will have to come another time.  I glided along and came to a section that was my favourite of the day.  It was a sparsely populated meadow of lightly snow covered big and little trees.
my ski stop shot
pillows & marshmallows
After thoroughly enjoying this area, it was time to move on and work my way back to the parking lot.      
The balance of the track involved more hills where I got additional practice of going up and down.  I conquered all hills with confidence today.  At the beginning of my day I wondered did I belong here and now I can say, I felt right at home on these tracks.  I worked up an apetite so headed on over to relax in the warmth by the Christmas Tree and enjoy the view and my lunch. 

Good-bye autumn!  Hello winter!


  1. A wonderful way to bring in winter! Beautiful snowy scenery.

  2. Strange, autumn seems long gone for you. Here in Oz the seasons start on the 1st of the month i.e - summer 1st Dec - but as you know we see no difference at all. What a perfect morning you have had.


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