Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Morning Wing It

With life's happenings finally settling down for hopefully three months, it's game on now going forward.   I spent yesterday luxuriating and rejuvenating and woke this morning ready to be out & about.  I had no idea last night when I laid my head on the pillow what today would bring so first thing this morning I made a plan to wing it.  I wanted to clip into my Skis, especially after applying glide wax for the very first time yesterday.  I did not want a long drive and I did not want a challenge, not yet anyway.  My wing it would be Bill Milne, which after googling I found that the best place for me to hop into the track would be from the first parking lot on the Ribbon Creek Road.  I went for the second parking lot.  

It was very cold!
The sun was not above the peaks yet!
The gliding was glorious!
As the sun peeked over the peak, it lit up the meadow and created a sparkly crystaly sensation.
This was my first time X-C Skiing this track, I did have some kind of idea of what to expect though.  I was overjoyed with the beautiful scenery and that slowed me down in sections.  I also slowed down when I heard loads of yelping and howling and barking.   A couple came along and told me that racket was coming from the dog sled teams across the highway at Boundary Ranch.  

aiming for Mount Kidd and The Wedge
my stop spot shot
frosty fringes if you look close
I went as far as the trail goes before it crosses Highway 40 and made that my turn around point.  This was the first time I skied where there is only one track and had to move to the side twice as I partook in the proper etiquette.  The sun was higher and casting morning shadows yet it was still crispy cool.
along the way 
As I neared the end, the track doubled and that was a good thing.  
Many folks were hopping in now.  
I got one last photo heading home before more folks came along.
This X-C Ski outing was just what I needed.  
There was lots of time to just be.  
Thank you for today!


  1. Oh, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I lived close enough to lovely skiing like this.

  2. Magnificent. What an amazing blue sky.

  3. We don't have ski tracks and have to make our own. Which is fun but it would be nice to go faster! Looks like a great place to ski.


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