Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wandering Around Waterton

I pondered whether to go forward with this mini get-a-way to Waterton Lakes National Park after reading about the fire due to a lightening strike near Goat Haunt.  I was really looking forward to it, I had scored a room, and I just needed a road trip to escape.  After discussions with those in the know, there was no reason for me not to follow through with this escape, so here I am!  

Early morning on the outskirts of the National Park boundary, it was cold with the threat of showers.That forecast was fine with me, I came prepared, and that kind of forecast was needed for this area. Yet, the sun broke through every now and then and I caught it on a now. 
I ditched my car at the harbour lot for a few hours and wandered around Waterton townsite first.  I packed my bear spray as reports said bears were along the lakeshore.  I saw no bears here, but did see the helicopters assisting the Glacier folks by transporting water for the fire. Reports were that last night the fire did cross over onto Canadian terrain.
On this visit to Waterton, I aimed for the Prince of Wales Hotel, but instead of just checking out the grounds around it, I hit the hill off to the left and descended the steep hill down to the lake.  From the beach area below this is a view looking up to the Bear's Hump and Crandall Mountain.  
                                                        result of Waterton's wild wicked winds
This is a view of Wateron Lake I am seeing for the first time.  Below the Hotel and down that steep bank, offers up a whole new perspective and a whole lot of colour.
                                                     seeing red, thinking autumn
Near the end of the trail along the rocky shore, I took a short cut up through the greenery to get back to the Prince of Wales Hotel.  The haze off in the distance is smoke from the fire.  It was a windy day as usual here and that helped keep the local air clear of a smokey smell.
Here you can see the Hotel and the steep bank I came down.  That shore below was a delightful place to wander.  I always enjoy wandering along the boat dock also.  At the end of the dock are two of those "red chairs".  I actually saw three sets of those today.
This is my favourite Waterton set of chairs.  I waited and waited and waited until the coast was clear to capture a photo without people in it.  
After leaving the Waterton lakeshore, I dropped a few dollars at a local sporting goods store.  I had all intentions of doing so. They carry a few different things than are available back home.  Then it was on to Cameron Falls.  This place was party central so I didn't stick around for very long.
Like all other locations in Waterton during the summer, the Red Rock Parkway was a happening place.  It's a pretty drive. I prefer the drive there more than the actual place.  The sun's rays did shine through from time to time.  
                                                             Howdy partner!
So, what is a trip to Waterton without seeing a bear?  Every time I visit here, I see at least one bear.  I sat in my car for 30 minutes at the Cameron Lake parking lot while this fellow did his meandering around the lot. He was in no hurry to move on and I was, my time was precious.  
Today was packed solid with the sights and sounds that come with being in a mountain town.  It's refreshing and rejuvenating while being "out & about" in it.  The scenery, exercise, fresh air, beverages and treats are the rewards. Now on with my evening!

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  1. Your day certainly had variety. Curious to know what the evening brought.


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