Saturday, June 6, 2015

staying local

Last night I felt asleep just as the sunset and woke this morning just before sunrise.  I knew that would be the case after all of yesterday's mountain air.  It seems my best sleeps are out in this environment.  While having my morning coffee, I listened to the birds chip and that was about all there was to hear.  

I already knew what the plan for this day would be.  I wanted to stay local, no driving.  With the trail head for the Lookout a 3 minute walk from my site, I would pay that place a repeat visit.  After breakfast, clearing up, cleaning up and then packing up, I aimed for the trail. I made quick time through the trees to where the views began.
It was hot when I arrived at my destination mid morning.  I could see no others, not even the Lookout folks.  I believe this morning here, was the most beautiful I have ever experienced at this place.
After getting my destination shot, it was time to just enjoy the peace and quiet.  This is looking back at the trail I just exited from.  I could hear soft voices which were coming from the Kananaskis Fire Lookout. 
I approached the Lookout property to admire how it was decorated.  Just how pretty is this.  The attendants placed potted plants around their home.  I could see the couple sitting on their lanai.
   There was a slight breeze, just enough for the Canadian Flag to wave proudly.  
The Lookout gentleman extended a greeting to come through the gate for a visit.  I graciously accepted.  He even invited me to their upper deck to admire the far off view.  There you have Upper Kananaskis Lake .  He explained that at the moment the fire rating is low but if the heat wave continues, the rating could go high at any moment.  I was thankful to have this view this morning!
Before sitting for a snack, I take my camera to the public outhouse because I knew it was photogenic. This is the sign on the inside just below the window with a view. 
    on the inside wall at the back
    framed pictures and a coat hanger on another wall
After snack time, I packed up and aimed for home, well I mean to my campsite.  I met many folks on their way up.  I was glad to have gone early, to beat the heat, to receive the invitation to the upper deck and to have the morning peacefulness.  

    Back at camp, I enjoyed a later lunch, a beer and then a nap.  
The nap turned out being long in my red lounge chair.  
When I woke, I slowly came too....
....and before I knew it, dinner time rolled around, then campfire time.       
    experimenting with colour focus
The fire dwindled and so did I.  


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