Saturday, February 14, 2015

Louise Creek & Great Divide A Valentine's Special

If there is the least little reason to celebrate, I will find a way to acknowledge it!  When the reason is big, it's so very easy to make the celebration happen and so very easy to find friends who share the same sentiment.  Today we created "A Valentine's Special" snowshoe adventure from Lake Louise Village to above & beyond.  (The credit for this day's blog post title goes to Agent-X.) 

As we geared up near the Lake Louise Railway Station Restaurant, the wrapping on our gift slowly opened to display the beauty inside.  Hitting the trail early morning, we were already layered down.  The sun was coming out, the temperature was on our side and there was no wind to contend with.
We crossed over the Bow River and followed it a short distance.
We made our way up the Louise Creek Trail which brought us to wide open spaces.
We arrived near the 1A.
The snow was deep.
The view, oh what a gift!
At the parking lot for the Great Divide, we stopped for a few photos.
Then it was time to go off trail to explore & discover.  I always wondered what the meadows were like in this area.  They were top notch!  This was turning out to be "A Valentine's Special" filled with gifts galore.   We worked our way through one meadow......
....then on to the next!
We aimed for another meadow with a track of some sort going through it.  We followed it for a distance to give our legs a break from the deeper snow.  There was so much to love about today.  As it turned out, we were on the return route for the dog sledders.  Short Stop takes time to offer up affection to Millie.  This particular sled was returning from the Great Divide Display with a newly engaged couple (just 30 minutes prior) beaming brightly, as was her diamond.  We showed our love for today by designing our own heart.
in the middle of a meadow
With a special avalanche warning posted for this weekend, we chose a place to play that was far and away from any danger.  We made today what we wanted it to be.  It was a day of adventure, exploring a new area to us for snowshoeing and discovering what beauty there is above & beyond.  We let the child within come out, we had a lengthy dining time in the sunshine, and we meandered through meadow after meadow.
one last view before descending off the ridge high above Lake Louise Village
With our gift fully unwrapped and 
having time to enjoy everything contained within 
it was time to head home.  
This will be "A Valentine's Special" to remember!

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