Saturday, February 8, 2014

Only The Beginning

I'm so happy today is finally here! It's play time and today is only the beginning. Most folks' winter escape is to the warm sunny south, mine is to the cold west. As I was counting sleeps until this day, I also watched the forecasted temperatures dive down, way down, really way down! Being somewhat experienced, plus having proper gear, I had full intentions of still escaping knowing I could still be out & about, although not for extended times.

My first stop was Johnson Lake in Banff National Park. At a distance of roughly 3 kilometers around the Lake, this would be a good test of the frigidness. With the Lake being frozen, I opted to hike around right on the Lake instead of in the trees. At the far end, I went for my "happy to be here" shot in front of Cascade Mountain.
It was truly a perfect time to be here. I have to admit, I don't mind the cold and would much prefer it as it comes with a clear sky and gorgeous scenery, rather than warmer with cloud cover. Before hitting the other side of Johnson Lake for the hike back, I captured this photo of the whole Lake.

A short distance down the road is Lake Minniwanka. I read there is potential to safely skirt the shore for quite a distance offering up opportunities for scenic ice formations. I spent a good two hours hiking here, the whole time in the warmth of the sun.

Here is an everything photo, blue sky, puffy cloud, mountain, lake, ice formation and rock. 
 How on earth did that ice get up on that rock!
a view inside
scene along the way
frozen upwards
When I saw this hunk of ice from a distance, I figured someone placed it there. Once I got up close and saw a portion of the tree stump inside the ice, once again I asked, how on earth did this get here! All I can say is thank you Mother Nature!
suspended drops
I am not sure of the time frame for when it is safe to hike on Lake Minniwanka but today was an ideal day to do so. I noticed a few other folks were enjoying it as much as I was. I made my way for quite a distance then by mid afternoon did an about face and strolled back. This was the view behind me.

It was time to go about the checking in business and then settling in by the fire with a glass of wine, crackers & cheese, and maps to map out tomorrow's place to play.

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  1. Do I understand that some lucky person has a week's holiday? Woopee! Enjoy. Fabulous start.


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